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This is a fantastic and exciting project by a wonderful group of people for your Virginia Range wild horses! Will you spend a few hours helping?

South Meadows and Veterans Parkway Land Clean Up
July 15th, 8am-12pm

Heroes for Horses is a small group of individuals brought together by a leadership program provided by the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System. They are facilitating a land cleanup that will remove trigger trash that causes hazardous conditions for wild horses (and other wildlife) on the range.

Anyone who has been into the hills in the South Meadows area has see the carelss dumping that happens. Injuries from this trash are sadly not uncommon.

They need as many volunteers as possible that day. They will be providing all the support, including a safety briefing, cooling station, etc.

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, Washoe County Sheriff's Department, and the Fire Department will all be present.

A barbecue for volunteers will be privided following the cleanup at Foothill Feed & Mercantile
at 1330 Geiger Grade

PLEASE RSVP - either call LIsa Hardwick at 775-788-6860,OR email to say you will be there. They need to keep track of where they are for number of volunteers so

Wear sturdy shoes or boots, long pants, hat, sunscreen, long sleeved shirt, gloves, and bring a long handled rake and/or shovel if you have one AND WATER. Also a large trash bag if possible.

Come out and help and meet some great people! HVWHPF will have volunteers helping, too. Heroes for Horses hopes this can be successfully implemented as an annual event in different areas of need!

Invite your friends, you don't have to be a volunteer with HVWHPF -
all community members are invited to help!



Help HVWHPF with the purchase of MUCH NEEDED panels or gates!
It's a great way to know exactly where your donated dollars are going and help with a much needed setup to best care for the horses!

The HVWHPF rescued herd south of Reno is on beautiful acreage, however separating them for vet, hoof or other care, training, or adoption is

difficult at best.

HVWHPF needs 20 5-rail fence panels and 5 gates to set up a walk through system of paddock/pens and loading chute.

Panels: $87
Gates: $120

We are fortunate to be able to purchase these at incredible rates and as a non-profit we can purchase them without tax.

A donation to HVWHPF of $87 or $120 (or multiples thereof) will be directly applied to the purchase of the needed panels/gates.
Donations are tax deductible.

You also have the option to purchase the panel/gate directly and donate them to HVHWPF, however tax would be applied as it would be considered a private purchase and then a donated item. We can provide you with a tax deductible donation receipt for the donated panel/gate.

Either way works for the horses! You can also donate a smaller amount and note that you want to direct it to these purchases.

You can donate through PayPal or with a card using the bottom PayPal button to the right that allows you to enter any donation amount. There is an option to "add special instructions to the seller" where you can indicate you are making a panel or gate donation. (Donation amounts of $87 or $120 will automatically be put toward these purchases with or without notes.)

Or if you prefer to directly purchase the panel or gate to donate you may do so through Foothill Feed & Mercantile in person at 1330 Geiger Grad Rd or by phone at 775-852-0999.

Will you help us with this much needed project today?

Current HVWHPF Wish List:

-Bales of hay - always a priority!
-Salt/Mineral blocks
-5-rail panels and gates- very much needed to create sorting pens/round pen/individual care paddocks to help with gentling and adoption
-Land (seriously!) to create a life long sanctuary and facility to gentle horses for adoption

Items can be purchased from your own source, or you may contact
Foothill Feed & Mercantile for best pricing!
1330 Geiger Grade Rd






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Wild Horses are icons of American Culture. They are symbols of freedom and are the elemental bridge between the ancient rhythms of nature and the contemporary human being. In today's world, we simply throw away our cars, toys, furniture, clothes, and yes, even our animals when we tire of them. No one is to blame. We’ve just forgotten what nature presented to us. As civilization closes in on them, the wild horses' struggle for survival intensifies. Our federal and local governments have often turned their backs on these beautiful creatures and failed to execute their responsibilities as guardians and caregivers.

The Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund is an all-volunteer registered 501( c )3 non-profit organization headquartered in Reno, Nevada. It was incorporated in 2008 with the mission to protect and preserve the wild horses that settle in the foothills surrounding Hidden Valley during the winter months. For over 20 years, volunteers have monitored herd health, grazing availability, provided attention to sick and injured horses and foals, aided in state run adoption processes, and installed and mended fencing and cattle guards. Other volunteers are involved in ensuring federal and state departments are working within the statutes that provide protection and care for the wild horses.
In 2012, our organization rescued 150 Virginia Range wild horses, which were removed from the range by the state and being sold at the livestock auction in Fallon. We work hard to find good adoptive forever homes for our horses and continually pursue opportunities that will provide them with positive opportunities. We continue to ask for donations to pay for their care and food. It takes a great deal of money to provide for so many horses – please consider helping us help our rescued Virginia Range horses and the wild horses that remain on the range, roaming wild and free just as it should be.
It's beend a moving, uplifting, and challenging journey so far - share it with your friends and family!  It's about the power of We The People and what shear determination can accomplish!
We welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy the photos, reports of our endeavors, and the information concerning the wild horses of the Virginia Range. Our values are embedded in the traditions of the Old West and the animal that made it all possible. As one of our associate members said, "I want to be able to show my grandchildren the soul of one of these majestic wild horses, not a photograph of what was."

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