We need people who are interested in helping to organize and/or work fund raising events for us.  We currently care for 150 horses - 32 of our mares have brought us 32 foals born since January 16th.  While we love them and enjoy the responsibility, it all costs a great deal of money.  We are actively seeking good quality forever homes for our horses and have successfully placed over 30 of them with several more potential adoptions in the works! 

We need to raise at least $75,000 in order to pay for food and board, as well as farrier and vet services for our rescued horses through this winter.  We also need to raise funds to support and protect the wild horses on the range.  Fencing, vet care, purchasing horses removed from the range, and the many projects that will now open through a cooperative agreement with the Nevada Dept of Agriculture all need funding. 


We are looking for people interested in helping to install and maintain the fencing from north of Hidden Valley on south to Pleasant Valley. You don't have to be knowledgeable about how to build a fence - we have experts who help lead us with that. But we do need helping hands for all tasks and muscle for other tasks. We'd love to have your help!  Donations of materials are also very welcome!

Click on the Contact Us tab and send us a short email that you'd like to help.  We appreciate it and so do the horses!!!!!

Thank you so very much!!!


Donate to the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund

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- $1000 Donation

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