To adopt a wild horse there are several different options. Rather than list all of them, there are hyperlinks to all the information you should need. Consider attending the auctions conducted for the Prison Horse Adoption Program in Carson City, Nevada. These are exceptionally well trained horses. So, visit the websites via the hyperlinks below:

Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund:

or use the "Adoptions" tab on this web site to find and view many of the horses we have rescued and are available for adoption.


We offer a variety of ways to sponsor a Virginia Range beauty, each comes with one or more surprise gifts.  Gather your family, community organization or your business associates. Team up with a friend or go it alone to preserve a part of Nevada's history.

  • A lifetime sponsorship for one horse that will live it's life in sanctuary.
  • Sponsor a horse until it's adopted.

We also have four levels of monthly sponsorship with a minimum three month commitment.

To place a sponsorship, click on one of the tags below.
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- $25 per month
- $50 per month
- $75 per month
- $100 per month

To discontinue your sponsorship, please click the button below.

You may contact us at   


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