Do you know that $1 A Day is all it takes to help feed one of our rescued horses?  Just a few quick clicks and you're done.  Your donation then kicks in and goes to work to ensure these smart and beautiful horses are cared for until caring, forever homes are found for them. 


$30 Monthly Sponsorship notes:

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Consider an Easy $5 monthly sponsorship to help feed and care for the rescued Virginia Range wild horses of the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund herd - that's only $.16 a day!

Your generous donation will go directly to benefit the horses - pay for feed, transport, hoof trimming, vet care, board.   

$5 Monthly Sponsorship notes:

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June 2017 - A private donor offered a 3-1 Matching Grant opportunity up to $5400 if we could raise $1800 within a couple week period before an upcoming event. We raised it and the donor matched those funds 3-1! That meant a total of $7200 in donated funds! Grants like this are so incredibly heart felt and appreciated more than we can ever express! THANK YOU to our private donor and to all who donated to help us reach this goal!

November 2016 - A private donor offered up a $1,000 Matching Grant opportunity for HVWHPF. Once again we put the challenge to our supporters who stepped up in force to match that grant, doubling the money to $2,000.

This type of grant challenge not only provides much needed funding for the HVWHPF horses, but helps engage our supporter community in a fun and fulfilling way. THANK YOU to our angel grant donor and to all those who helped double it!

May 2016 - HVWHPF was so fortunate and grateful to be the recipient of a $5,000 Matching Grant from the WHC Foundation. We put the challenge to our supporters, and with much support we matched the grant, doubling it to $10,000. This money was much needed for hay and board fees.

We absolutely could not do it without wonderful supporters like you, and generous organizations like the WHC Foundation. Words alone cannot express our thanks!

April 2015 - HVWHPF was the ever so fortunate recipient of a $25,000 Matching Grant from the Bently Foundation. Supporters were able to raise the matching $25,000 which financed board and hay for the 2015-2016 winter months. This kind of foundation grant is always very needed. Thank you Bently Foundation!


October 8, 2013 - HVWHPF was the fortunate recipient of a very generous $5,000 grant award from the ASPCA towards the purchase of winter oat hay for 118 of our rescued wild horses.  Of the tens of thousands of requests received by the ASPCA each year, we are very proud to have been chosen as an organization worthy of their valuable resources.  As we began our second year as a wild horse rescue, we proceeded with the confidence in knowing we had a powerful partner and voice for the animals working on our side and fighting for the rights of our horses and of all animals. Developing a strong, life-long relationship with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is something all members of the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund will nurture and respect.
Thank you ASPCA for helping our rescued horses!

You can help too!

Please use the links to the right to donate or the "Contact Us" button to send an email letting us know how you would like to help.  We need hay, veterinarian care, farrier services, transportation, and short and long term forever homes for our rescued horses.  Please find it in your heart to donate now - all money raised will go directly to benefit all the horses we have been able to rescue and those still wild on the range. Thank you so very much for your kindness!

Donations are the life blood of our efforts to sustain and fulfill the goals of our organization. Each year our budget is planned for various projects designed to benefit the horses, such as providing supplemental vitamins and minerals, and maintaining and installing the fences and horse guards across an approximate 8 mile stretch of land. We are also currently working on supplemental water resources for the horses and pursuing the development of protected areas with property owners. We also budget for emergency veterinarian care for sick and injured horses, as well as having to occasionally euthanize injured horses. We are able to accomplish all of the above and more through donations from individual and corporate sponsors. We ask you to look at all we do and join us in a most worthy cause.

To the right is the easiest way to donate--Pay Pal. You can use your credit card (VISA, American Express, Master Card, Discover), or your personal bank Debit Card. You can also mail a tax deductible check to us at:
  Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund
  P.O. Box 20052
  Reno, NV 89515-0052
The Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund is approved as a Non-Profit Organization 501(c)3 by the Department of the Internal Revenue Service. Donations are tax deductible on your personal or corporate federal annual income tax. Our EIN is 80-0208865. 
We invite you to use this link to view our first 'youtube' video highlighting photos of many of our wild ones in their natural habitat. All photos were provided by our volunteers.



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