Thank you for your interest in Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund, an all volunteer Nevada non-profit organization headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

Are you a company, corporation, or individual interested in helping HVWHPF? This is what you can make happen with a grant of $1,000 to $10,000 towards our program services.  As of 2017, the following are our current funding priorities. In addition, we have had incredible participation from our supporters with matching grants, as they've stepped up to help us double larger grants/donations.

Hay Fund
Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund is the largest horse rescue in the Reno, Nevada area. We are currently caring for and feeding 145 horses (geldings, mares and foals). We are fortunate enough to have access to spring and early summer grazing pasture for the smaller of our two rescued horse herds. However, the larger herd feeding season is year round, and the smaller herd feeding season is fall through late spring. 
Of critical concern is how our donor’s funds are spent and ensuring we get the best possible use of those funds. We make every effort to maximize our buying power by purchasing large quantities of hay at one time. Purchasing directly from our local farmers is also an added benefit to our community. Buying in bulk and locally also helps to keep the cost of our hay delivery to a minimum.

We also purchase "big bales" - large rectangular bales weighing 1,000 - 1,400 pounds whenever we can. This type of bulk buying significantly reduces the price of the hay. However during this very wet winter, getting a truck and trailer into the soggy fields with that much weight isn't always possible, so during those times we must feed smaller "regular" size bales.

Pasturing and Animal Care Fund – 
After becoming a horse rescue unexpectedly in 2012, we do not currently own property but do have pasture boarding at two separate private ranches where the majority of our horses reside. In return for the daily oversight and watering, the owners of the property charge Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund a fee per horse totaling approximately $4,000 per month. 

One of the goals of our organization is to continue to reduce the size of our herd through gentling/training and adoption programs. We have successfully adopted out 40 horses to other rescue organizations and private adopters. We have a stringent adoption criterion and stipulate that all horses are welcome back with open arms and gates for the remainder of their lives should the adoptive owner no longer be able to care for it.

Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund would be grateful for the opportunity to own property and hope one day to put our donations toward a payment for property. This would be a place where some of our older horses would be able to live their lives in peace and safety. We also know that a certain number of at risk horses will be removed from the range each year. These horses would also benefit from such a wonderful transitional home while they are being gentled and trained for life with humans.

Transportation Fund –   
The Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund horses are currently housed at various locations in and around the Reno, Nevada area. Some are on a ranch 30 minutes north of Reno, others 20 minutes south of Reno, and several are in foster care in Stagecoach, Nevada. We visit our horses on a regular basis to provide maintenance on the property, feed, water, work with the horses, and consult with the caretakers of our horses. 
Additionally, we must transport our horses for medical care and/or to the farrier for hoof care and maintenance at times, or simply move them from one ranch or foster care location to another for training or emergency care as well as to assist with our adoption transportation needs. 

These trips are costly and add up quickly. Volunteers are not currently reimbursed for their fuel expenses but with your generous contribution, we could change that and provide a stable foundation for one of our very important programs.

Please enjoy some videos of our rescue work with the Virginia Range wild horses

Tragedy & Triumph of the Virginia Range Wild Horses 2012-13 A summary of the activities that opened our Virginia Range wild horse rescue program in September 2012. We are so very grateful for the amazing support and encouragement of so many wonderful people who helped save these horses from slaughter.

The Rescue of Cowboy, the cow pony  Cowboy was rescued in April 2014. He was found cuddled up with a herd of cattle, separated somehow from his family. Now, he lives with the New Beginnings Herd, other rescued wild horse under the care of Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund. He looks forward to being gentled and trained!

The Rescue of the 8 Steamboat Valley Bachelors 8 Bachelors from Steamboat Valley got themselves in trouble and had to be bailed out….our supporters rallied and in April 2014 we were able to spring them. They’re now in foster care where they will be gentled and trained.

India, Roxie, Missy Cinco, & Frisco Rescued! 4 horses torn from their family, rescued by one of our alliance partners, and now part of the New Beginnings Herd.


Please call (775) 297-2955 or email Shannon Windle, President of Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund at hiddenvalleywildhorses@gmail.com to chat with her about these exciting and deserving grant opportunities and other funding needs at Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund.

To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, call Dani Lutzow or Tracy Turner at 775-333-5499 or go to www.nevadafund.org .


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